An Agent Who Thinks Outside The Box

I am a Solution Solver. This means I think outside the box to make deals come together as seamlessly as possible and I don’t give up easily. People who work with me often find themselves saying “oh, that was easier than I thought!” I am an excellent listener and I have experience in assisting people getting the results they want. As a professional interior designer of over 15 years I bring experience that would be beneficial to you in visualizing your home. That experience has given me the ability to understand my clients needs and to give them the choices they were looking for. Patience is the mark of a professional who cares. Buying or selling real estate is a big decision and I want you to be sure! I understand each person has their own vision and time line for what they are looking for in a home. Helping you find the right home is what’s important to me, and that’s the service I provide. When it comes to your home you are investing your after-tax dollars. I never forget that when I’m working on your behalf; I know that every little savings is a good savings. Let’s not leave anything on the table. My experience has shown me that the worst thing that can happen when you make an offer is the other party says no to a condition in the offer. So why not ask for it all? You might be surprised how often the other party will agree to what we ask for. It can be a good starting point to negotiate from. Lastly, I think this experience should be fun! I want to make sure my clients enjoy the experience. Let me handle all the little details. That’s what an agent is for. With me as your agent, you’re in good hands.